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Introduction to Ray Optics

Ray: It is defined as path of light or geometric optics. It is a straight line in homogenous system.

Beam: It is defined as collection of rays. A bundle of rays make beam.

Some of basic terms used in ray optics are:

Ray, beam, Collimation, object & Image, Optical System, Axis, Centre of Curvature, Pole, Optical Centre, Paraxial Rays, Speed of Ways, Frequency, Wavelength,

Topics under Ray Optics

1. Defining Ray Optics & Basics
2. Refection and Refraction in Plane
3. Refection and Refraction in Spherical Surface
4. Real & Virtual Spaces
5. Mirror Formula
6. Critical Angle & Total Internal Reflection
7. Thin Lens
8. Magnification
9. Power of Lens
10. Silvering at One Surface of Lens
11. Deviation Angle of Ray (Passes from Lens)
12. Focal Length
13. Prism

Some of Basic Terms:临界角,Devia角tion, Minimum Deviation, Grazing Incidence, Grazing Emergence, Maximum Deviation, Dispersion of Light, Dispersive power, Deviation without Dispersion