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The term ‘Finance’, was originally a French word. In the 18th century, it was adopted then by English to mean “management of money”. Finance can be termed as the management of money, and it covers activities like investing, borrowing, lending, budgeting, saving and forecasting. In layman’s term, it is just earning, saving, investing and spending money. But in the present era finance is considered in an extensive form. It has given a professional touch and is known as Financial Management.

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Areas Of Finance

Business or corporate finance: -Financial activities related to running any corporation. Financial planning, procurement of finance, investing finance and monitoring finance fall under this area of finance.

个人财务: -It is related to the monetary decision of an individual or family.

公共财政: -It is the study of income and expenditure of the state. It deals only with the finance of government.

Let’s See Finance From Business/Corporate Perspective.
There are various sources of Finance:
在时间的基础上 -
1) Short term finance (less than 1 year)
2) Medium term finance (3-5 years)
3) Long term finance (more than 5 years)

2) Borrowed capital

On the basis of the generation-
1) Internal finance
2) External finance

fi的程序选择正确的来源nance requires an in-depth analysis of all the available sources of fund. It needs the understanding of all the pros and cons of the financing sources. Financial management takes care of all the things. Finance management requires three different decisions: investment decision, financing decision and asset management decision.




Acquisition of fund:



To reduce the cost of capital and increase the value of the firm, finance manager needs to utilise the funds properly.




It helps to improve the profitability of the company by using firm financial control like budgetary control, ration analysis and cost volume profit analysis.

Increase the value of the firm:

By increasing wealth and higher profit, one can indirectly increase the value of the firm.

Promoting savings:

Savings can be done when the business concern earns a high profit and maximise wealth. Effective financial management helps to encourage and mobilise individual and corporate saving.


While purchasing equipment or property, finance comes into play as you evaluate whether you are ready for an expense & then find the easy way to pay for it. It is common for long-term capital investments to require a loan, so you will need to consider interest expenses and principal payments.

To plan a sound capital structure:

Business finance is the art and science as well for managing your money. The importance of business finance lies in its ability to keep a business operation smooth without running out of cash while also saving funds for investments. Finance is also interrelated to various streams like accounting, mathematics, science, psychology, etc.


Preparing and managing accounting reports affects the financial functioning. The financial statements should be current and accurate for the finance department to find relevant and useful data. The balance sheet provides information about ownership fund and borrowed fund. It shows cash inflow and cash outflow.

Finance and Economy:

The economy depends upon an orderly process of finance. When some elements of the finance process break down, companies go out of business, and the economy moves into recession. For example, if any business unit or bank loses an essential amount of money and confronts the risk of bankruptcy, other banks & corporate customers will stop lending or depositing money to the problematic bank. It will then stop lending and they will not able to purchase the goods or repay the bills for which they were seeking funding.

Finance and Mathematics:

It is also known as applied mathematics, concerned with financial markets. It derives different mathematical or numerical models suggested by a financial economist. It is primarily focused on the modelling of derivatives for quantitative analysis.

Finance and Behavioural Science:

Psychology of investors or managers affects financial decisions. Over the last few decades, it becomes imperative to finance. They use it to forecast experiments, pricing decisions, investment decisions etc.

At last, we can sum up that finance is all about money. All the other things are moving around it. The ultimate goal of any individual or company is earning money in the form of profit and create wealth in the form of asset. Both the objective can be fulfilled by efficient and effective management.




Banks are the main enablers of funding by providing credit, even though mutual funds, private equity, hedge funds, and other organizations have lately become important as they invest in various forms of debt as an alternate. Financial assets, which are known as investments are financially managed carefully to financial risk management in order to control financial risk.

An entity whose income is higher than its expenditure can lend or invest that excess income. While on the other hand, an entity whose income is less than its expenditure can increase the capital by borrowing or selling equity claims, or by decreasing its expenses, also by increasing its income. The lender can get a borrower or a financial intermediary like say a bank or buy bonds or notes in the bond market. This causes the lender to receive an interest, then the borrower pays a higher interest than what the lender receives and the financial intermediary then earns the difference for arranging the loan. .

Finance is also used by individuals called as personal finance, then by governments known as public finance, and also by businesses in the form of corporate finance. A variety of other organizations including schools and non-profit organizations also make use of Finance in their various activities. Speaking in general, the aims of each of the above activities are achieved through the proper use of suitable financial instruments and methodologies, taking into consideration the institutional setting in each case.

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