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The term budget is derived form the French word baguette, which means ‘to pursue’. A budget can be said to be a planned list of all of all the expenses and revenues. It is also a plan devised for borrowing, spending or saving. A budget forms a very important micro economical concept, where the budget line is used for the illustration of the trade-offs which occur between two goods. Budget can also be defined as an organizational plan which is stated in monetary terms.

The budget of an enterprise in compiled annually. The finished budget is attained after a considerable effort and is only for the short term future. It is the work of a finance department to compile a budget. The modern software’s have made it possible for all the employees working in various departments to list their individual and department’s expenses and revenues in the final budget. When the actual figures at the end of financial year match with the budgeted figures, the management is said to be on the right track. Deviations can result in falling of the share prices of the firm as the situation is understood to be ‘out of control’ by the stake holders.


销售预算 -它用于创建企业的销售目标,估计未来的销售。

Production budget- used mostly by the production oriented firms, it estimates all the manufacturing costs, including those of labor and material.

营销budget-for estimating the funds needed for advertising, promotion and public relations for a product or service, the marketing budget is use.

Cash budget-该预算估算并预测未来时间段的支出和现金收入。通过此预算,企业可以知道收入是否足以支付支出或外部财务帮助。

收入预算 -该预算包含政府的所有收入以及这些收入所支付的支出。

项目预算 - 预测特定项目所涉及的成本,创建了项目预算。

支出预算 -所花费的数据项包含在此预算中。

Participative budgeting- the participative budgeting requires a bottom-up approach to budgeting where the senior management encourages employee participation for creating the budget. This approach has been found to create more realistic budgets which are also found to be more achievable. It positively affects the morale of the employees, who provide more efforts in achieving the budget, as they have themselves created it. The participative budget often does not undertakes high level strategic considerations, as only the senior management is aware of them. Thus, it is required by the senior management to give necessary guidelines to employees for devising a budget which caters to all the needs of the firm. The drawbacks of participative budget include longer time requirement in their making and creation along with them being more conservative in approach.

The principal budget factor- the constraining factor which ultimately decides the actively level planned is called the principal budget factor. This area of the principal budget factor cannot be increased for matching its capacity with that of other areas. For example, an enterprise is capable of selling 20,000 PC’s a month, but the manpower it has can only produce around 10,000 of them. Here manpower is the principal budget factor.

基于零的预算 - 在这种预算方法中,所有新时期应证明所有费用都是合理的。在“零基础”开始预算计算之后,对组织的每个功能进行了分析。分析后,预算是根据即将到来的时期需求建立的。该预算可以高或低于上一年的预算。

The budget ratio- the budget ratio is used for getting the information on the performance level of an enterprise. Through it, we can calculate the extent of deviation in the budgeted and actual performance. If the budgeted ratio is 100% or more, it means that the performance has been favorable and if it is less than 100%, the performance is termed unfavorable.


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