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Quality Information System: QIS

Is “a system, whether automated or manual, include:




The purpose is to collect, process, transmitting, and disseminates data that represent user information”. Information system quality based on the evaluation of its main components, that is

System quality

Data quality

Information quality

Model quality

Method quality

Quality information systems (QIS) provide all the quality-relevant information during the whole life cycle of a product to all the people involved.

(In accounting perspective) Both financial accounting and managerial accounting depend upon a strong information system to reliably capture and summarize business transaction data. Any information system which provides all the required information accurately will be a QIS.

信息系统supports the accounting information to be used in an efficient and effective way. Information system includes




These are the infrastructure for an effective information system. Business is using quality information system in their business processes to get a reliable and a quality product.

信息系统can also be affected by the context

Context means the environment outside the boundary of the business process like its regulations, law and order situation, customer demands and preferences and culture all this is the context that will be the factors affecting the quality information system