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In simple words, the term Accounting can be defined as a group of models and procedures that are employed to assess and account financial information based on an economic entity, usually perceived to be an individual organization. The information obtained is resourcefully reported to several distinct categorizes of concerned parties such as possessors, creditors, business supervisors, staff members and financial forecasters. Business managers require accounting information to come up with effective management decisions. Creditors require accounting data to scrutinize entity’s capability to pay back its responsibilities. Governmental entities employ this information to control and tax. Financial forecasters utilize this information to develop their viewpoints on which they can proficiently support their investment suggestions. The concept of accounting is divided into two distinct categories namely: Financial accounting and Managerial accounting.

Accounting vs. Accountancy

A set of knowledge (embracing policies, hypothesizes, presumptions, conferences, notions and regulations) leading the science of categorizing and scrutinizing financial transactions is accounting. On the other hand, the strategies of accounting are coined as accountancy. To satisfy the ever mounting demands put forward on accounting by distinct fascinated parties like possessors, supervisors, creditors etc., several divisions have come into being.


Accounting plays a crucial and positive part by creating the information for facilitating elucidation to a number of questions that the users of accounting information come across very frequently. The questions are namely: How fine or bad is the economic situation of the business? Have the business actions lead to profit or loss? How sound the distinct sections of the business have carried out in the earlier period? Which actions or goods have proved to be profitable? Out of the prevailing commodities whose production should be stopped and the manufacture of which goods should be incremented? Whether to purchase a constituent from the marketplace or to produce the similar? Whether the total cost employed to carry out the production procedures is realistic or unnecessary? What has been the influence of prevailing procedures on the profit margins of the overall business? What are the possible outcomes of fresh procedures on the earning capability of the business in coming years? Taking into account the precedent outcome of the business how it should schedule for coming years to make sure preferred outcomes?

Moving ahead, accounting has also proved to be very helpful in a number of ways. Firstly, augmented quantity of business outcomes in huge number of transactions and no entrepreneur can easily retain each and every piece of information. Accounting records the requirement of retaining several dealings. Secondly, accounting evidence created on the grounds of consistent procedures will make possible for a business to evaluate outcomes of one phase with another phase. Thirdly, records that are based on appropriate and genuine vouchers prove as a source of good proof in a court of law. Lastly, in case if a business is put up for sale then the worth of distinct assets as illustrated by the balance sheet aids in obtaining appropriate price for the business.

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